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  • Amazon Bound helps you start a successful career with Amazon and transform your life. We teach you how to communicate expertly, like an Amazonian, during your onsite Amazon interview loop.
  • Bar Raiser helps tech companies unlock their growth by hiring better. We work with fast-growing companies of 400 to 4,000+ employees, who interview 100+ candidates monthly across distributed global hubs. We help our customers hit key growth milestones, such as a new product launch or an IPO, by standing up an internal Bar Raiser program aligned with their company culture and core values.
  • The Start Kubernetes course includes everything you should know about Kubernetes as a beginner. What are Pods, how do ReplicaSets manage Pods and why do we need Deployments? You'll learn about Ingress resource and controllers, how to run your applications in Kubernetes and expose them through custom domains, run MongoDB inside your cluster, and even create your own custom resource and controller.